Women’s Sports 101: Hot Chicks, Stigmas, What do Guys like, and Jenner talk

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It’s Ladies’ Night on the Chorizo and Egg Podcast!  Special guest and friend of the show, Talia Monroe joins us to discuss all things women’s sports:  World Cup and the stigmas that come with women’s sports, why the hot girls are considered the “best athletes”, what female sport do guys like to watch the most, and was Caitlynn Jenner really deserving of the Arthur Ash Courage Award?


Did the Cowboys screw up with Dez? It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, and We Got Jokes


Did the Cowboys make a huge mistake signing Dez Bryant to a long term deal?  We explore whether the world is more dangerous place now vs. when we grew up or do we just have more information available to us. And we got jokes.


DeAndre Does Dallas, Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy, and Bucket Lists


James tries to convince Hector he could beat a professional boxer.  Trying to make sense of the DeAndre Jordan drama, why you should be ashamed if you cheer for bad guys who play for Your Team, and a quick peek at what’s currently on the bucket lists.


LaMarcus is a Spur!!!, NBA Free Agency Madness, and CREEEEED

LaMarcus Aldridge brings his talents to the South Side (of San Antonio) and what that means for the Spurs future, NBA Free Agency talk with @Pledger_ESPNSA, and we get all giddy about CREED (the Rocky spinoff, not the shitty band).

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