hahaLos+Angeles+Lakers+v+San+Antonio+Spurs+-N-kYYLVQa-lSan Antonio Spurs v Denver Nuggets

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The NBA season is upon us and that means the greatest team in the history of sports, ever, starts the “Race for Seis.” Join us as we preview the upcoming 2015-2016 Spurs from big free-agent signings to how the Spurs bench players would do as an Eastern Conference team! That and more on a very Spursy Chorizo and Egg podcast!


What exactly is Jason Garrett good at? MLB Playoffs Preview and a Talent vs. Coaching Argument

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The Cowboys may have a ton of injuries but that’s no excuse for Jason Garrett not being very smart.  We give our fearless predictions on the MLB playoffs and what kind of chances the Rangers and Astros have.  We also get into a “heated” discussion about talent vs. coaching.  Don’t miss this one!  Oh and something about Stephen A. Smith being an idiot.


Cowboys blow a Golden Opportunity, Is Charlie Strong the answer at Texas, and a walk down memory lane


The Cowboys blow a golden opportunity to put one in the Win Column vs the Atlanta Falcons.  We talk about Brandon Weeden’s performance, where’s the offensive line, and what to expect going forward.  We also continue our Facebook battle about Charlie Strong and if he is the coach that will lead the Texas Longhorns back to the promised land and Hector takes us down memory lane to the “Mexican-American Bowl” during high school.



ROM-NOOOOO….. What Tony’s injury means for the Cowboys and NFL Week 2 musings

romo-tony-1040x572-3405662900romo4romo-1  BECAUSE OF COURSE……Sigh……..  Special guest Kyle Ragonesi of Fox Sports sits in to discuss the implications of Tony Romo’s broken left clavicle and what it means for the Cowboys.  We give our predictions for the next 7 games in Tony Romo & Dez Bryant’s absences and a few random NFL Week 2 musings.


Cowboys Win a Week 1 Thriller, NFL Observations, and what the heck is going on in San Antonio?!


The Cowboys snatch victory from the jaws of defeat against the NY Football Giants, but we will tell you what you should really take away from the game and what the Cowboys do now with their injury situation.  Random NFL Week 1 observations and why we are overjoyed that real football is back.  Also, we get into what they are putting in the water in San Antonio these days with all the referee attacks lately.




HERE. WE. GO!!!! The NFL is back! Hector Ledesma and James Arriola give you all their hot sports predictions for the upcoming season.  Find out which teams are going to win their divisions, which players are bringing home the hardware, and most importantly what team will hoist the Lombardi trophy at Super Bowl 50! Will it be your team?!?!?! Also a special announcement that Central Catholic grads should be interested in!



College Football Preview, What to make of the tragedy in Virginia, and Fantasy Football drafts


College Football is back baby!  We give you a quick preview by conference and tell you which schools are going to be in the 4 team playoff at the end of the year. We also discuss the tragedy in Virginia and how it’s affected us personally, and we take a look at how our fantasy football drafts went.


Chorizos With Attitudes, The Trump Phenomenon, and the Dark Cloud over Baylor

Hector reviews the movie Straight Outta Compton and tells us what N.W.A. really stands for… We discuss the Trump Phenomenon and whether he’s got a real chance to be the next POTUS.  And we get into why head’s must role at Baylor over the latest controversy in Waco.


2015 Longhorns Football Preview, PGA Tour’s Bright Future, and the Trophy Generation

Special guest Mike Ketter fills in for Hector to gives us a preview of the upcoming 2015 college football season and what Texas fans can expect out of the Longhorns this year.  We discuss the PGA Championship and why the future is bright even without Tiger.  And we get a little opinionated on the “Trophy Generation.”


Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Coverage Live From Oxnard!


We spent the week out in Oxnard, CA, home of the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp!  Got a chance to interview players, watch the Blue White Scrimmage from the sidelines, record some audio/video from a ton of players and former players, and talk a little 2015 season outlook.  Also, Hector crushes James’ hopes and dreams…  That was fun!


My NBA team can beat up your NBA team, Confederate Flag talk, and Political Correctness Gone Wild

Spurs generalleeangry

We compare the NBA franchises by their Top 5 players of All-Time.  Where do the Spurs rank? A long overdue discussion about the Confederate Flag: Is it hatred or heritage or both? And what it’s like to live in a world where Political Correctness can make or break you.


Women’s Sports 101: Hot Chicks, Stigmas, What do Guys like, and Jenner talk

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It’s Ladies’ Night on the Chorizo and Egg Podcast!  Special guest and friend of the show, Talia Monroe joins us to discuss all things women’s sports:  World Cup and the stigmas that come with women’s sports, why the hot girls are considered the “best athletes”, what female sport do guys like to watch the most, and was Caitlynn Jenner really deserving of the Arthur Ash Courage Award?


Did the Cowboys screw up with Dez? It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, and We Got Jokes


Did the Cowboys make a huge mistake signing Dez Bryant to a long term deal?  We explore whether the world is more dangerous place now vs. when we grew up or do we just have more information available to us. And we got jokes.


DeAndre Does Dallas, Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy, and Bucket Lists


James tries to convince Hector he could beat a professional boxer.  Trying to make sense of the DeAndre Jordan drama, why you should be ashamed if you cheer for bad guys who play for Your Team, and a quick peek at what’s currently on the bucket lists.


LaMarcus is a Spur!!!, NBA Free Agency Madness, and CREEEEED

LaMarcus Aldridge brings his talents to the South Side (of San Antonio) and what that means for the Spurs future, NBA Free Agency talk with @Pledger_ESPNSA, and we get all giddy about CREED (the Rocky spinoff, not the shitty band).

la_spurs_jersey0554542001415884100_filepicker creedbar


History that Matters: The ’94 NFC Championship, Home Ownership Sucks, and Would You Rather

We take a look back 20+ years to review the classic showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park in the first edition of our History that Matters series.  Also, why home ownership is overrated (it sucks), and a little game of Would You Rather.

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Cheating, The Duncan-Less Spurs, and Sports Movie Talk

Deflategate: Are there shades of cheating, What will the Spurs look like when Tim Duncan finally decides to hang ’em up, and Sports Movie Talk with the White Rhino, Dave Mullins.

new-england-patriots-deflategate-memes_2 duncan sports movies


Welcome to the Chorizo and Egg Podcast!


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